About JAE

JAE was established at the beginning of 1992 as a partnership between Jay Makwana and Jeff Robinson. Jeff has since retired from the business, but we are now a small army of 5 people with an office in Goleta, California a low rent suburb of Santa Barbara about 100 miles north of Los Angeles. Our location is in an industrial area with mail sorting facilities, UPS and Fed-Ex terminals as well as an airport that allow us to get shipments of parts in and out, quickly. We specialize in providing quality parts at fair prices. We have been Lotus fans long enough to be tired of parts that are rusted, don’t fit, don’t work, or even break. We also recognize that this sort of agony is also half the fun! In general, however, you’ll find that our parts fit the way they were intend to. We make a point of meeting with our suppliers, regardless of location, PERSONALLY. Among our suppliers are Lucas/Girling, AP Lockheed and AP Racing, Tilton, Earls, Coopers, AE, Moss, ARP, Quinton Hazel, Vandervel, Panasport, Spax, Koni, K&N, Triplex and Weber. We are direct factory/warehouse distributors for just about any part you may need. Give us a call to see what we can supply or help you with!

The Team

  • Jay Makwana – CEO
  • Joe Sulka –  Sales Director
  • Michelle Brown – Financial Officer
  • Evan Scott – Warehouse Coordinator